Hi, I’m Rupert, your personal guide in this OFW Come Home Project. Congratulations for finding this website. I know it’s not coincidence that you are here reading my website. You’re in for a wonderful ride ahead of you as you join thousands of others who are earning money through the internet. My passion is to help and guide you as I know what it means to be an Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) myself.

OFW – The Glitters of the Greener Pasture

I was a former OFW myself having worked in one of the largest clinic in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for a couple of years as an I.T. professional. Why did I choose to work abroad? Simple. It was a search for greener pasture and I could not resist it. So I exchanged the hardships and sacrifices of working abroad to have a higher income. If you are an OFW, I know you can relate.

Back Home

When I finished my contract after several years, I was back here in our country looking for a job. Luckily I got hired not long after that. I settled for several years in one of the leading insurance companies, still as an I.T. developer. I was getting pretty comfortable with my company when the call of abroad beckons again. Just like before, the pay was very good, 3x my salary then.

OFW Again

I got hired as an I.T. Consultant in one of the software houses in Singapore. It was only on a per project basis so I was there only for a short time. Again I experienced ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’ of being an OFW.

Home Again for Good and Looking To Earn Online

After my short stint in Singapore, I worked again here in our country as an I.T. professional. It was at this time that I tried several business opportunities to have a nice supplemental income. I got mixed results. My first taste of success dated back in 2002 when I became an affiliate of the now defunct Ultimate Marketing Solution. I guess I was just lucky then as I just spammed everyone about that business. I admit it’s bad practice but I still do not know then the correct way to earn online.

After that I tried to enter into networking businesses when I attended several Business Opportunity meetings. The testimonials will really blow you away as you see others earning a six-figure income. I joined several companies but the task of trying to build a network and having a full-time job was really an obstacle too big for me to overcome then. Something has to give in one way or the other so I quit recruiting altogether.

The Real Gem In Earning Online

The real breakthrough in my financial life happened when I came across Stock Investing. I thought it was hard but I had a coach and mentor that taught me an easy investment strategy that anyone can do. After a couple of years, I reached a six-figure income. I’m telling this not to brag but to inspire everyone especially those OFWs.

Then I got married back in 2010.


I now have 3 lovely children and a wonderful wife. Because of this, I really committed to myself not leave my family behind just to work again in abroad. I know others are making real money online and I want an online business for myself. If they can do it, why not I?

Then I discovered how the BIG guns of online businesses thru internet marketing are doing it. I’m very grateful for having found the Wealth Affiliate university (WA) where you will really be guided step-by-step to have a full-time and thriving online business.

My passion and mission now is to help others discover these proven wealth strategies. ofwcomehomeproject.com was born with that single purpose. My vision is to see more OFWs to come home into our country earning a full time income while enjoying the company of their loved ones.

Join me in my journey to success. I’m here to guide and help you.

If you have some questions or concerns, drop me a comment below to get in touch with me. Or you may use our form in the “Contact Us” page if you want to communicate with me privately.

This website is not about me. It’s really about you so you can succeed too in life.

Your friend,


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  • Simon

    Reply Reply October 11, 2016

    Hi Rupert,
    Many people will take inspiration from your story to accomplish greener pastures. Well done you!

    I too am a member at Wealthy Affiliate, enjoying the process of building a website around my passion.

    They have such a simplistic approach to teaching which suited me fine as I was a complete newbie when I joined. The help and support is terrific too, just ask a question and a member always replies with a helpful answer.

    Best decision I ever made.
    You have chosen a great niche to accompany the Wealthy Affiliate training around (ofwcomehomeproject.com).
    Good luck with your business here,

    Much success,

  • Norma

    Reply Reply December 16, 2016

    Hi Rupert,

    I’m so glad to find a fellow Filipino at Wealthy Affiliate. I can surely relate to your tale. I am a former OFW in Dubai but chose to come home for good. There’s no place like home.

  • Rupert

    Reply Reply December 16, 2016

    Hi Norma,

    I’m glad too to meet a fellow Filipino. Indeed there’s no place like home. Good luck kabayan.

    All the best,


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